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This site is to give my opinion on my favorite things.

I Love Scarves

Posted By hmarie8 on Mar 11, 2010 at 4:26PM

The one thing I can't get enough of are scarves. I just purchased this today. It is a Converse scarf from Target ($14.99). I love Converse scarves and I have two more of them. This one is just the right length and I love the colors. The material is soft and it makes my attire pop.

Makeup to look Fabulous

Posted By hmarie8 on Mar 11, 2010 at 4:15PM


I bought all three of these products yesterday at Sephora. I was needing a concealer for my undereyes. It took me forever to decide. I went with Sephora Pallette Correctrice ($20.00). It is actually really good. What I do is blend all four concealers together and it works for me. I do not have that much dark under my eyes to begin with, but I seemed to have shadow under my eyes. This concealer takes it away and brightens my undereyes.

The next product I got was Sephora Blush in Corail Frisson 5 ($12.00). This is a pretty color. It almost reminds me of Nars Orgasm Blush but a little darker. It shimmers and looks really good on my fair skin.

Last but not least I bought Philosophy Bubble Gum Blow Out Gloss ($10.00). This smells really good. It reminds me of chewing the big pink bubble gum as a kid. It doesn't taste bad either. It is shimmery on my lips and is soft feeling not sticky.

I am really happy with my purchases and I could spend hours in Sephora but it's probably not a good idea :D.

The Beloved iPhone

Posted By hmarie8 on Mar 2, 2010 at 7:03PM

First post I thought I'd give my opinion on the best invention thus far......the iPhone. I have the 3G which I got before knowing about the S. Who needs an S when you can download an app that shoots videos?! I have had about four phones in my life. The first two were stupid walkie talkie type phones. These were the lame ones that had no graphics and the texting was boring. Then I switched to an LG Chocolate. This phone was great at the time then I got VERY tired of it. So I went for the LG Voyager. I like it at first because of the full keypad and touchscreen. After a while though it wasn't so great. The touchscreen was slow and I had to claw my way to make it work. Then it would randomly shut off at inappropriate times on a full battery. Come to find out a lot of LG phones do this. One day I accidentally dropped it and the inside screen cracked. I could not see the text messages unless I closed it and looked at the touchscreen. After that the hinge broke off on one side and it wouldn't close right. I thought  " This is the best time for an iPhone!". So I divorced Verizon and went straight for AT&T. I have never looked back! This phone is pure genius and I don't know how anyone could do better. I have so many fun apps, I can take my music with me, it holds so many photos and the text messaging is so fun! I know "Everyone" has it, but they do because it is the coolest most entertaining fun phone you could have. I never go without it and am always on it. You could say I'm obsessed. My boyfriend doesn't like it for this reason, but he's not too Tech savvy either. I have had the phone for almost a year with no problems at all. I have even dropped it a few times but no cracks or scratches. I have a Paul Frank case for it so that helps in protecting it somewhat. The only cons that I would give would be that AT&T's service sometimes drops calls and that the battery dies fast. Once it dies you can't turn it back on until charging it somewhat. Those are my only cons! I can't wait to buy the iPad!!!!!

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